5 uses of computer in school

Today in this blog we will discuss about uses of computer in school out of which we will choose the most important 5 uses of computer in school specially. First of all what is a computer?

computer is a digital electronic machine that can be programmed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations (computation) automatically. In simple words we can say that It is a machine that can store and process information. There are 3 types of computer:- 1. Analog Computers 2. Digital Computers 3. Hybrid Computers.

5 uses of computer in school

What is Computer Education?

Gaining basic knowledge as well as skills to operate computers to perform better jobs. Computer education is all about extending to its various branches of study in different fields & sectors.

Computer, along with internet facility is the most powerful device that children can use to learn new skills & abilities in education.

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Computer plays a significant role in each n every field of life. They help us in several ways. For example, they find applications in medicine, industrial process, aviation industry, making bills in various big shops & malls, creating presentation slides in application software for making notes & delivering lectures in colleges, universities and a lot more. In short, not only in just one, but the Computer plays an all-rounded role in the field of education of students.

Innovation in Computer technology has a profound impact on education. It forms a part of the school curriculum as it is an essential part of every individual today.  Computer education in schools plays a major noteworthy role in the career development of young children.

Benefits of Computer Education

  • It enhances creativity & thinking skills.
  • Provides efficient & better use of IT Technology.
  • Proves beneficial for career aspiration.
  • Improves research work & helps in communicating with different education providers.
  • Gives instant information on any topic in just a single click, & many more.

Basic Uses of Computer in Education

1. To do homework and inquiries.

The computer is used to do homework and inquires means check it is done properly or not. From a student’s perspective, the students can do homework with the help of a computer using the internet and even create spreadsheets and much more.

2. Uses of computer in education to do advanced research.

The computer is used to do advanced research with using the internet we can do advanced level research on the computer it is basically research where we can see word wide web libraries and all types of websites connected to the internet with the help of a computer.

3. Uses of computer in education to take online classes.

The computer is used to take online classes; you can be connected with your class using a computer having an internet connection. Most people use software like zoom Google meeting, Google classroom, etc.

4. To write books.

The computer is used to write books people write on the computer before printing a book, actually, nowadays people write the book on the computer and publish it online the readers come online from your computer and read the book.

5. To participate in educational contests.

The computer is used to participate in educational contests nowadays people event their contests and booking is available on their website. To book online you need a computer to book online so the computer becomes a necessary part of education nowadays.

6. Computer Based Training

In CBT (Computer Based Training), various projects & educational programs are prepared or set up with the assistance of expert educators and audio-visual media help. These educational programs are generally set up in the shape of lectures on a specific subject/ topic & are given on CDs. Students can learn when they wish at their homes.

7. To see scholarships, quotas, and others

The computer is a great source for the students to see scholarships, quotas, and others in universities and institutions, so if you want to see scholarships in different universities you cannot visit all universities and see who are actually offering scholarships or any other quotas for their benefits. So students can see universities official websites and they can get benefits to save time as well as get more opportunities to get scholarships.

8. To find better ways to study.

If you have a computer you have much more options to find better ways to study means you can search more sites and videos data as well as images infographics data.

9. Teacher Resources

With so many different hats to wear on any given day, it’s no secret that a teacher’s job is considerably demanding. Computers in schools make life easier for teachers who rely on them to input grades electronically, prepare lesson plans and assessments, and communicate electronically with colleagues, parents and administrators. Teachers also use computers to continue their own educations by accessing online opportunities for professional development that enhances their instructional effectiveness.

10. Get notification from institution or school to which we belong.

If you want to know what is going around you means to be informed of what is happening in the institution or school to which we belong.

If you have any other ideas we can put here in this article feel free to share them with me. 

Main 5 uses of computer in school

1. Online education & Research

With the help of the internet, students can find useful information about their projects, assignments and also can take useful help from other researchers as they store & organize their research materials in computers. Vast or Immense storage is yet another main great characteristic of a computer.

Students can find many different ways to solve a certain problem given to them. Through Computer, they can interact with people having same issues & decisions.

2. Virtual Courses

Widespread use of computers in schools has also led to the expansion of virtual school programs that allow students to access their education remotely. In some counties, students can complete all of their academic requirements online through programs that are facilitated by a licensed educator who maintains regular phone and online contact with virtual students. Online courses greatly benefit students who cannot physically get to a school campus or who need to make up missing credits outside of the traditional classroom.

3. Interactive Lessons

Major advances in educational software have led to the development of interactive lessons and tutorials that teachers and students can access through the use of computers in schools. Teachers assign specific digital lessons to students so they can review academic content that caters to their unique needs and allows them to work at their own pace. Computers in schools also promote learning through access to online learning games that reinforce academic content in an engaging manner.

4. Parents can know their children’s progress

The Computer has helped parents & guardians a lot as they can likewise know by checking every minute progress of their children through computers and the web by browsing the school’s website. They can check different assessment results, attendance reports, participation in curricular and co-curricular activities, and significantly more.

5. Quick Communication & Correspondence

Another main advantage of using computers in the education field is the improvement in the quality of teaching-learning process and communication between students & teachers. For this, they use Microsoft PowerPoint to prepare electronic presentations about their lectures.

Computer revolutionizes the way of study while making education smoother and quicker.  It also connects us to different sources, which show us different ways to understand a particular topic or idea.  In general, a computer has helped the education world and also has changed the way we work & learn.

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