Mid-range Desktop Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 6600 Review 2023

AMD Radeon RX 6600 is a mid-range desktop GPU. If you are in the market for a graphics card that can support 1080p gaming on your PC, go through our review on the AMD Radeon 6600. 

The benefits of gaming are immense; if you really want to enjoy gaming, you need the right GPU, and AMD Radeon has the potential to be that.

Excellently supports 1080p gaming.
Decent storage of 8 GB GDDR6 RAM.
No fan noise or heating, so you have a good cooling system.
Charges only 132W of powers.
4k gaming at lower graphic settings

While building a PC, a graphic card is one of the essential features to choose from, as it will determine the real gaming essence. It actually plays a pivotal role in the ultimate PC-building checklist. The graphic card processes gaming as per its core potential and lightens up the user’s experience accordingly. 

Some users are happy with just 1080p gaming, while others need 4K resolution to rest their gaming souls in peace. The article discusses the graphics card, the AMD Radeon RX 6600, and reviews whether it is worthy or not. Without any further breaks, let’s begin.

Key Specifications of AMD Radeon RX 6600 Graphic Card

AMD RX 6600, being a mid-range card, has adequate features to please gamers. Not just gaming, but it supports various multimedia stuff too, and that too without breaking the bank. It is quite a competitor to its predecessors, like AMD Radeon 550X. 

The table below gives details regarding the build, hardware, and software of the RX 6600 graphic card RX 6600.

General Information

ModelAMD Radeon RX 6600
Form FactorDual Slot
Graphics RAM Size8 GB
Dimension ‎19.3 x 12 x 4 cm; 699 Grams
Architecture Navi RDNA 2

Hardware and Software 

Graphic RAM TypeGDDR6
Graphic Card InterfacePCI-EXpressx16
Graphic CoprocessorAMD Radeon RX 6600
Compatible DevicesDesktop
Mounting HardwareGraphic Card

Other Information

Clock Speed2044-2491 (boast) MHz
Memory Bus Width128 Bit
Power Consumption132 Watt


Battery Type1 Lithium-ion
Battery IncludedNo

Now, let’s quickly visit the key features of this graphic card and analyze its performance in the subsequent section.

Review of AMD Radeon RX 6600 Graphic Card

A mid-range graphic card that was discovered on 13th October 2021, AMD Radeon 6600, is known to satisfy its gaming audience with its decent performance. Let’s properly review AMD RX 6600 and see if the conjectured statements above are right or wrong. 

  • Design: The Radeon RX 6600, a mid-range graphic card, is based on the Navi RDNA 2 architecture. This graphic card uses a Navi 23 chip and also has several other pleasing features like Smart Access Memory (SAM) and cache.
  • Memory Storage: This desktop graphic card offers 8 GB GDDR6 RAM, which is ample to play safely with games under 1080p resolution, but not too many titles. As discussed earlier, this graphic card carries a special Smart Access Memory (SAM) to fit the current user’s needs. 

It has a memory interface of 128 bits and runs at a speed of 14 Gbps, 225GB/s. Although the memory storage is considerably less in comparison to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3060, in addition to other overlapping features it is quite vivid in AMD RX 6600 XT vs. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060.

  • Built: The build of this graphic card is strong and reliable, and it contains a custom PCB in addition to the normal layer, shielding the GPU from any electrical damage. The PCB material, along with copper, helps in heat dissipation and promises efficiency by increasing conductivity.
  • Gaming Performance: With a core speed of 2044 MHz which can be boosted to 2491 MHz, users can easily run games up to 1440p resolution. It supports interesting features like ray tracing with Radeon image sharpener (RIS) that enhance the gamer’s experience. This graphic is suitable for beginners because the AMD RX 6600 graphic card easily runs 1080p resolution.
  • Cooling System: This graphic card ensures endless gaming, thanks to its TORX 4.0 & TWIN FROZR 8 technologies, which keep the system cool and quiet. The wave-curved 2.0 fin edges ensure that there is no noise, plus the deflectors help in adding surface area for cooling.
  • Visuals: One of the cool features of this graphic card is DirectX Raytracing (DXR) technology, which gives several special features like ray tracing, global illumination, shadows, and reflection. Its hardware supports ray tracing specifically for showcasing real-time gaming performance at 1080p resolution.

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Criticism Around The Working of AMD Radeon RX 6600

This graphic card has too many virtues, which have been covered in the features segment above. On the other hand, there is one highly noted issue with its functioning. Radeon RX 6600 doesn’t give an appreciated performance with a game resolution above 1080p. 

The impact of technology on our lives has uplifted our expectations, and when it comes to AMD Radeon, its cons can sometimes overshadow its pros. If you are about to buy the RX 6600, you should know where the GPU lacks.

It is nearly impossible to play extensive games here that are specifically modern titles. However, one can try playing 4K games with medium graphic settings. Therefore, it is also not among Nvidia’s competing best graphic cards: Nvidia RTX 4090 vs. RTX 3090.

Our Verdict: Is RX 6600 Worth A Graphic Card to Buy?

AMD Radeon RX 6600 is the best option for beginners because its cores, build, and storage support the best gaming at 1080p only. It’s one of the best gaming investments for gamers, and if bought at a handsome price, it can turn out to be a reason to blow confetti with other online gaming friends. Its cooling infrastructure is quite pleasing, while DirectX Ray Tracing and Smart Access Memory (SAM) are some of the additional interesting features in it. 

Customer Reviews of AMD Radeon RX 6600

  • “It works nice, but it crashes after a little while in Fortnite hi settings, even though it is not lagging running 60fps fine, but in other games, it will run for 12 hours and be great.”~racingnick27
  • “After 6 years of using a GTX 1060 6 GB, I upgraded when prices came down. Performance is at least 40-80% better than my prior v.card. I noticed a big improvement in Warzone, going from around 45 fps up to 135 fps. Most of the time, the power draw maxed out is 100 watts, which is very power efficient. Overall, I’m happy with the card, but I’m finding about 30% of my games lock up or have other bugs. This is partially true of the Origin games; almost all of them crash or lock up.”~ttgyrl
  • “I recently bought this product, and it delivers HD results. I have an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor. And recently got this AMD Radeon 6600. The main problem is that when I load a game, it goes to 98% utilization in the AMD software. I have tried everything to fix it, and I’m stumped. Also, in the AMD software, there are 2 GPUs. Also, in my task manager is AMD RX 6600, and gpu1 is AMD Radeon (TM). The utilization goes to gpu1?”~Sushie

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the AMD RX 6600 a nice graphic card?

Yes, RX 6600 gives mind-blowing gaming performance. It has a decently stronger core, plus the cooling system encourages endless gaming.

Q. Is the Radeon RX 6600 better than RTX 6600?

Yes, the RX 6600 performs much better than the RTX 6600 graphic card, specifically for gaming at 1080p resolution. On a higher resolution, the RTX 6600 performs excellently, though.

Q. Can RX 6600 run 4K gaming?

Yes, AMD Radeon 6600 can run 4k games, but with medium settings.

Q. How much power does the RX 6600 graphic card take?

The power consumption of RX 6600 is approximately 132 W, which is highly appreciable and energy-saving.