Are you looking for best budget gaming tablet then you are at the right place. Here today we are going to discuss about the best cheap tablet with keyboard for playing games, editing and many features which comes under reasonable price. These tablets gives you an average performance while playing games.

Best budget gaming tablet

What makes a Tablet a best budget gaming tablet?

There are actually two forms of tablets, those that are running mobile OS systems and are designed to exclusively work as tablets and those that are actually running a desktop OS in a small form factor or even in the case of the Surface Pro, full-on computers capable of doing anything a traditional laptop or desktop PC could. Best tablets are defined by the form factor of having a panel which is often a touch-screen so that they can be used like a notebook or tablet would be used.

Now let’s come to the topic. Here are the top 10 best budget gaming tablet-

Top 10 best budget gaming tablet:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe 9.9
Microsoft Surface Pro 39.5
Samsung Galaxy Tab A79.5
Lenovo Tab P11 Plus9.0
Apple iPad8.5
Blackview Tab 118.0
Fire HD 108.0
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A87.8
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite7.5
Lenovo Tab M87.0

Features to Consider in a tablet in a reasonable price tag:

The OS

The operating system (OS) is the brains of the gaming tablet. Every gaming tablet needs one to function. Once your tablet is turned on, the operating system is the first program your device loads.


RAM or Random Access Memory is an important component of any device, modern gaming PC’s use a minimum of 8 GB and often use as much as 32GB. It impacts how efficiently the computer processes information and makes devices run faster.


The GPU is known as the Graphics processing unit. GPU options in tablets are very different than desktop computers. It is the main processor after the CPU while heavy gaming.  When you play a non-mobile game without streaming, you will need a dedicated GPU.


The processor is used heavily during non-gaming activities and several modern games (Such as Assassins Creed Origins and Final Fantasy VX) but in general this is more important for tasks such as video editing, photoshop, multitasking, and the occasional game. Tablet processors are a bit hard to nail down in strength and power because they are usually unique to the manufacturer. Reading good reviews on processor strength can help you make a more informed decision.


Storage is important when you are selecting a tablet, especially if you plan to use media a lot or install many different apps and games.

Screen Quality (And Resolution)

Resolution is very important in making a game look great. Tablets have a hidden blessing though in that a lower resolution isn’t nearly as noticeable due to tablets being so small. Besides resolution, gaming tablets can offer HDR, fantastic color technology, and a higher refresh rate for smoother gameplay as well.

Screen Size

Screen size is important but the main thing pixel density and the resolution is most important. While buying tablet you should check it’s should be a 1080p or above if you plan to use it for gaming. Screen Size usually boils down to preference and Tablet weight.

Battery Life

Battery life plays a major role . Intensive gaming can drain a battery quickly though. Most opt to charge a device while gaming, but you have to be careful because some products will overheat in those circumstances lowering the overall lifespan of your device.

Weight and Size

This is the main thing which we should check while buying a tablet. The weight should be very light and the body material should be aluminium which make it very light. Te size of the tablet will be at least 10 inches or more which will help you a lot while gaming. 

Now we will discuss every tablet that is on the list.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Display12.4 inch
ProcessorSnapdragon 700 Series
RAM/Storage6 GB/64 GB
Battery10090 Mah
CameraRear- 8 MP Front- 5MP

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Display12.0 inch
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4300U
RAM/Storage8 GB/256 GB
Battery5380 Mah
CameraRear- 8 MP

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Display10.40 inch
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 662
RAM/Storage3 GB/64 GB
Battery7040 Mah
CameraRear- 8 MP Front- 5MP

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

Display11.0 inch
ProcessorMediaTek Helio G90T
RAM/Storage4 GB/128 GB
Battery7700 Mah
CameraRear- 13 MP Front- 8MP

Apple iPad

Display10.20 inch
ProcessorA10 Fusion chip
RAM/Storage3 GB/32 GB
Battery8827 Mah
CameraRear- 8 MP Front- 1.2MP

Blackview Tab 11

Display10.36 inch
Processorocta core processor
RAM/Storage8 GB/128 GB
Battery6580 Mah
CameraRear- 13 MP Front- 8 MP

Fire HD 10

Display10.10 inch
ProcessorOcta core processor
RAM/Storage3 GB/32 GB
Battery6300 Mah
CameraRear- 5 MP Front- 2 MP

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8

Display10.5 inch
ProcessorUnisoc Tiger T618
RAM/Storage4 GB/64 GB
Battery7040 Mah
CameraRear- 8 MP Front- 5MP

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Display8.70 inch
ProcessorA133 octa core processor
RAM/Storage3 GB/32 GB
Battery5100 Mah
CameraRear- 8 MP Front- 5MP

Lenovo Tab M8

Display8.7 inch
ProcessorMediatek Helio A22
RAM/Storage2 GB/16 GB
Battery5000 Mah
CameraRear- 5 MP Front- 2 MP