Computer Advantages and Disadvantages on students

Computer skills should be adopted by students in their school life only; not only these skills are beneficial for their studies but also they can excel in other spheres of life. But if there are advantages and there are also disadvantages. Today in this article we will know about computer advantages and disadvantages on students. We will discuss in detail.

Computer Advantages and Disadvantages on students

Computer is a programmed device with a group of instructions to perform specific tasks and generate results at a really high speed. A Computer is an machine that can solve difficult and different problems, process data, store & retrieve data and perform calculations faster and accurately as compared from humans. 

What is Computer Education?

Gaining basic knowledge as well as skills to operate computers to perform better jobs. Computer education is all about extending to its various branches of study in different fields & sectors. Computer, along with internet facility is the most powerful device that children can use to learn new skills & abilities in education.

Today, every other student has access to technology be it in school or at home. Computers have become a necessary part of teaching students in schools and classrooms are being equipped with computer systems to impart education to students. Here we are discussing computer advantages and disadvantages on students in their school life.

Advantages of Computer for School Students:


Multitasking is one among the main advantage of computer. Person can do multiple task, multiple operation at a same time, calculate numerical problems within few seconds. Computer can perform millions or trillions of work in one second.

To do homework and inquiries.

The computer is used to do homework and inquires means check it is done properly or not. From a student’s perspective, the students can do homework with the help of a computer using the internet and even create spreadsheets and much more.

Great help in studies

Computer skills not only as a subject but is also helpful in other subjects and extracurricular. Students can make great projects, presentations art and crafts, image editing, video editing or join social media groups to enhance computer skills or learn new skills like animation, programming etc.. By mastering these skills students will be able to use it for benefit of their studies.


Computer helps the user in better understanding and communication with the other devices. Computers are critical for communication and are the centerpiece of information technology

Smart development 

Students mastering computer skills become more advanced and quick learners because they adapt to a new subject or technical things easily as compared with students who lack in computer skills. Students who are well-equipped with computer skills can also protect themselves smartly from cyber crimes because they will be able to secure their privacy as compared to a person who is new to these skills.

Disadvantages of computer skills for school students –

Distraction from actual studies –

Many times, this happens with all of us that while working on one thing, some other things catch our attention and we waste our time in that. This stops us from doing our required task and time is wasted. Students, also go through the same situation because the computer is a multitasking device and besides, studies there is a lot more to do with it such as computer games, Internet browsing, social media, creativity skills developing applications, e-learning material other than school work. Students end up spending hours on these applications and waste their study time.

Develops laid-back attitude in students –

Students have adapted themselves to a relaxed approach towards their studies. With computer skills, they think they can complete any task without putting much effort. For example, the teacher gives assignments to students and it needs to be submitted in seven days but, the students waste five of the allotted days and start working on assignments on the sixth day only as they are confident enough to complete their assignment with help of internet in less time. This is good but if they will so the assignments in without the help of the computer they will not get into any problems.

Reduces use of manual efforts in students –

Everyone prefers smart work where the work is done with minimum efforts and in less time. However, when students learn shortcuts on the computer, start using applications which minimises their efforts then they tend to skip the manual task which requires little extra efforts from them. They prefer copying and pasting the homework rather than writing. They prefer notes in the printed format rather than handwriting because it is easier for them as they do not need to put efforts.

Increases waste and impacts the environment

With the speed that computers and other electronics get replaced, all of the old devices that get thrown away have a big impact on the environment. There are some parts of computer such as batteries, plastics and motherboards of electronic devices which are non degradable. These can cause major impact such as soil pollution.

Health Problems 

Prolonged use of computers can lead to various health Hazards. Too much sitting near the screen results in eye strain and can cause major eye problems. Also, prolonged sitting leads to neck and back problems. and any more health issues can cause also.

Lack of integrity among students –

Students learn computer skills and they start implementing these skills for wrong purposes like cheating in homework, assignments, exams which makes them a dishonest person. There are innumerous cases where students are found guilty of committing illegal use of their computer skills like hacking, frauds etc. Students need to understand that mastering computer skills does not permit them to commit wrong things like cheating and this can bring them negative impacts when they are found guilty.


It is essential for every other student to learn basic computer skills and also awareness about cyber crimes. However, students should understand the correct and ethical use of these skills.

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