Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2

Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2



  • The display is very good.
  • Accuracy of the exercise modes.


  • The battery life is very low.

The Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2 is a modern smartwatch and comes at a very affordable price as compared to other watches. It was launched by Fitbit on july 2022. The interesting thing is the display activity rings that let you know how much you moved, exercised and stood and the battery capacity is 165 Mah which has a life span of just 6+ days which is very good. It is very light and many more features are loaded in it.

It has some advanced features in it. The Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2 comes with a 1.34 inch TFT touchscreen display that display every visual clearly making it delight to check your fitness stats. The watch comes with a stress monitor that monitors your stress level based on the heart rate variability. You can use the guided breathing sessions to keep it under control. The smart running partner features recognizes the activity and turn on your heart rate while also tracking the minimum and maximum heart rate. It has a good battery life which keep it alive for at least 10 days.

Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2 design and specification:

The Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2 comes with square shaped display and has a single physical key. This can be pushed or turned around.  The dial material is of stainless steel and the size is regular. It comes with a pro priority operating system by noise. There is no branding on the watch but at the backside it has a model name in the side. It is compatible with Android and IOS.

The watch weighs around 4.54 gram and due to which it is very light. It comes with a 165 MAh battery and through the noise fit app you keep a track of your activities with ease as well as you can use REM sleep cycle.

One of the interesting features is that it is capable of measuring the oxygen level in your blood, which helps you push your limits.

Full specification of Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2:

Brand Fitbit
model numberVersa 2
Dust resistanceYes
Water resistance  yes, 50 meter depth
Protection   yes
Screen size      1.55 inches
Touchscreen  Yes
Resolution   300 x 300
Pixels density283ppi
Bluetooth     yes, version -5.0
USB port  No
Charging modemagnetic charge case
Battery life   up to 6+ days
Battery capacity165 MAH
Body materialstainless steel
Weight  4.54 grams
Clock facedigital
Shape dimensionSquare
Colours black, petal, stone
Active tracking features:
Calorie intake burn   Yes
Sleep cycle  Yes
Heart rate  Yes
steps Yes
Active minutes    Yes
Blood oxygen level   Yes
Timer  Yes
Incoming call   Yes
Calendar reminder    Yes
Text message Yes
Social networksYes
Weather  Yes

Reviews related to Fitbit FB507GYSR Versa 2:

1. From amazon

parneet singh

Very honest review, when I saw the price of this watch I can’t understand what’s there inside this watch that it cost you around 20k+
If I person wants all that features which are available by some of the good brands that too with a lower price.

About this watch I feels I a very premium looks & ofcourse premium features too but having all that I feel it’s not for middle class person means a middle class can purchase a good smartphone or even Laptop in this price range.

But yes if you are earning some extra bucks compared to middle class than of course go for it . It’s a luxury item.🙂

2. from amazon

sameer kumar

1. The watch looks attractive with a good screen, attractive design and light-weighted.
2. Accuracy of the exercise modes.
3. Good battery life. Lasts over 3 days with full use of features and always-on display otherwise it could over 4-5days easily.

1. Automatically increases step count while riding on the bike. It automatically adds around 5k to 6k steps while riding on my Royal Enfield for around 15kms daily.
2. The detailed analysis comes at a cost. Advanced features are only present in Premium mode which comes around 800 to 900 rupees per month.
3. Fitbit wallet is not available in India currently.


Q: Does it have a Pedometer?

Ans: Yes, Colorfit Pro 3 comes with an in-built pedometer.

Q: Does it show calories burnt?

Ans: Yes

Q: Is it Alexa enabled

Ans: Yes.

Q: Is it cellular?

Ans: No.

Q: Can we play videos and audio songs??

Ans: Can’t play videos. But can play music connecting an external head set or Bluetooth speaker

if you have any doubt regarding this watch then please comment below.

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