How to use laptop for study

For a student a laptop is used can be used in many ways. There are so many reasons of using a laptop such as for video editing, gaming, for study purpose and many more. But nowadays it is becoming a bad habit also. A growing body of evidence indicates that using devices, including laptops, tablets, and phones, during class may lead to everything from bad note-taking to poor test performance not just for you, but for the other people around you.

This does not mean laptops are all bad. In fact, they still have potential to help you be a better student. So, today in this blog we will discuss about the How to use laptop for study purpose and what are the basic requirements you need in laptop and some QNA. At fast we will discuss about the uses of a laptop for study purpose. 

Here are some points on How to use laptop for study:

Learn how to take notes effectively

Taking notes by hand may be the simplest fix, people and their devices are inextricably intertwined in society today. This does not mean you have to resign yourself to a lifetime of inferior notes. Rather, there are some things you can do to raise your electronic note-taking game, including engaging with your notes by “chunking”, transcribing key concepts into your own words, adding questions to prompt recap, and summarizing the notes in your own words.

Close or uninstall programs that might distract you. 

While your laptop can be a powerful tool for learning, it also contains a lot of opportunities to become distracted during class. Before class starts, turn off any messaging apps, games, social media notifications, and so on. Also, avoid opening any websites or apps that aren’t related to what’s going on in class.

Use it to communicate with your teachers and classmates

You can use the laptop to connect to with your in a video calling and ask doubts which is a best way to learn through the laptop. With the help of the laptop you can make communication with your friends and discuss all your doubts with them.    

Type your papers which will make you easier to read. 

you can write your papers, assignments, book pages and notes in your word files. you can save them and it will be helpful for you read and while you are getting bored you can also open the laptop and read this which will make your mind free also.

Clean up and organize your desktop

Organization is essential to college success. And yet many students overlook an important factor: Keeping their laptops cleaned and organized. While a messy desktop can confuse you and slow you down, a clean desktop can boost both speed and access.

Consider keeping your laptop out of the classroom

Pen and paper in the classroom may be your best bet. (And, of course, you can still continue to take advantage of all of the benefits of your laptop outside of the classroom). While you may feel like a luddite for going this route, know that this decision is actually backed by the latest scientific research.

Type up your notes in your own words

When you’re listening to a lecture in class, try not to just type out exactly what your teacher or professor is saying word-for-word. Instead, listen carefully to what they’re saying, and jot down important words and concepts in your notes. Don’t worry about writing in full sentences, and make note of any supplemental reading or additional materials that your teacher references during their lecture.

Use productivity software to help you stay disciplined during class 

If you have trouble using self-control, or if you aren’t sure how to turn off notifications without uninstalling an app, try looking for an extension or an app that you can customize to block certain websites or apps. There are a number of different types of productivity software available that you can tailor to your exact needs.

For instance, you might install an extension on your web browser that blocks you from going to certain websites during school hours or while you’re studying, or that limits how many hours you can use those sites during the day.

Keep your laptop at home if it’s not required for class

If you are not using the laptop for study in the class then it is better to keep the laptop in the home. Because if you will take the laptop to the classroom then your mind will distracting for using the laptop. it will distract you while studying and you cannot concentrate on your class also.

Do an Internet search to learn more about whatever you’re studying

One of the biggest advantages of using a laptop to study is that you can access the Internet to learn more about a subject. However, make sure that you’re only using credible sources to obtain information. as you know internet is a good advisor and bad advisor also. it depends upon you which path you are going.

Here are the Features of a normal laptop for students:


The processor is the main part of your laptop just like the heart of the human body. At a budget if you are going then AMD is a better option. But Intel processor are good as compared to AMD on all other specification. So, at a budget also you can Intel processor. If you need it for basic usage like browsing and documentation, mainly for college assignments, basic game titles and software, an Intel Core i3 or AMD A-series A6 or AMD A8 processor will suffice suit your needs just fine, and save you quite money as compared to other. 

An i5 will comfortably manage most things without no doubt. An i7 is not really needed, unless you plan on regular, intensive gaming.

Graphics card

An integrated graphics card like Intel’s Iris or HD series usually results in much better battery life and reduced heat generation in such laptops. A dedicated graphics card like NVIDIA’s GeForce series has its own processor and RAM for managing complex 3D graphics, which hits the battery life (and price) of your laptop. If you are in college then an integrated graphics card, with a decent processor and enough RAM, will still run most games.


This is a very important specification. Nowadays modern computers are expected to do several tasks at once. More RAM the computer will work more smoothly but only upgrading RAM is a very bad idea. If you are using for basic use then 4GB RAM is enough for everything.

However, 6GB is a very good option. But everything will be work best if you will go for a 8GB RAM. It is bets for gaming also and multitasking.

Battery The battery on a laptop is as important as the processor and RAM. As a college student, you might need to carry your laptop to college Read More:


Q: How can I use my laptop to connect cordlessly with other computers?

If you have a Bluetooth or WiFi connection then it is possible. By using third party apps like Shareit by Lenovo, Send Anywhere etc., you can connect cordlessly with other computers.

Q: What important software and apps should I have for academics?

Microsoft Office products are a must, which include MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and more. Any others that you must have largely depends on what subject you are studying. For example, if your subject is Computer Science, you’d want a compiler. For architectural students, AutoCAD is the main tool.

Q: How can I use my laptop in vacation time?

You could learn about your favorite topics, or learn about technology and the field of your interest.

Q: How can I download Flash Player?

Many, if not all laptops and browsers come with Flash installed. If your Flash is out of date, an error message will show containing an update link.

Q: How can I use the internet for academic purposes?

The internet is one of the best academic tools we have available to us. It can be used primarily to research and find new information from millions of sources. It can also be used to build/complete projects, design models, etc. There is not much you can’t do with the internet.

Q: What software does a laptop use to view websites?

A web browser usually comes with the operating system. It is preferable to use Google Chrome or Firefox, because they are better.

Q: How can I prepare a presentation on my laptop?

You can use a slideshow or create a PowerPoint presentation.

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