MediaTek vs Snapdragon which is better

MediaTek vs Snapdragon which is better?

This a short comparison between MediaTek vs Snapdragon that which is better.

MediaTek vs Snapdragon which is better
Different performance in GPU & CPU Same performance in GPU & CPU 
low Budget   High Budget
Battery life is more consuming        Battery life is less consuming     
good Performance  good Performance 
More Heating        Less Heating 
Mali Graphics    Aderno Graphics

If you are an Android user, more is the number of cores per chipset, the better is the performance of the smartphone. More cores denote that you can multitask easily and get a lag-free, speedy smartphone experience.

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Now let’s talk about the feature and advantages and disadvantages of Media Tek and Snapdragon:


MediaTek is a Taiwanese company that manufactures chipsets and is known for its affordable and high-performance chipsets. It is famous for its number of cores per chipset and its X series was the first one to have deca-core chipsets.

It is the largest global semiconductor company and powers more than 2 billion a year. The new Media Tek Dimensity 5G chipset family bring smart and fast together to power. 

These are some of the advantages and disadvantage of mediate processor:

Battery performance:

The Mediatek chipsets are known to be more power draining and results in less battery life.Now they are optimizing their processors to be more power efficient but still lags behind their competition in terms of battery life.


Performance wise Mediatek processors are very good. Due to the presence of extra cores, the mediatek processors can handle intensive and heavy tasks and they are very good at multi-tasking. But this is possible when there are more number of RAM because more cores demand more RAM to give best performance.

Heating Problem:

All the processors deliver heat while performing tasks. Mediatek processors deliver more heat than the others. It is because if there will be more cores then there will be more heat produced. So, in Simple words more cores = more heat.


Mediatek uses Mali graphics which is a third party graphics company. So, basically graphics architectue is different from cpu and its performance may not match with CPU. It is really important to match the performances of CPU and GPU so that the whole chipset performs efficiently and effectively.

Better Camera Support:

MediaTek chipsets generally offer better camera support per chipset against Snapdragon chipsets.

Cost of the chipset:

MediaTek chipsets generally cost a lot lesser than Snapdragon chipsets.


Snapdragon chipsets are manufactured by Qualcomm (American) company.

These chipsets are not only just CPU’s they incorporate other many processors in their chipsets. This is the main difference between Snapdragon and other chipsets.

Snapdragon chipsets are named as SoC’s(System on chip) which means their chipsets(SoC’s) have a CPU,GPU(Adreno Graphics),Image processor, Media processor, DSP(Digital Signal Processor),Cellular Modem unit, WIFI  Module, Radio Module, GPS Module,…etc. All these modules and Processors are inside of a snapdragon chip. Yes they incorporated all these things inside their chips. Hence their chips are costly.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantage of Snapdragon processor:

Battery Life:

Snapdragon chipsets are best in terms of power efficiency compared to all other chipsets.


Performance wise they perform really well. In multi-tasking, gaming, handling heavy and intensive tasks they are very good.

Heating Problem:

Snapdragon Processors generally deliver less heat compared to Mediatek (Except the Snapdragon 810 Chipset-that faced many heating issues.)


Coming to graphics, they manufacture their own graphics called Adreno Graphics and incorporate into their chips. So here the performance of cpu and gpu are matched.

The third-party chipset manufacturing brands MediaTek and Snapdragon have always seen a great comparison against each other and this is since these are the biggest players in the market.

Against this, MediaTek and Snapdragon are a part of innumerable new and old smartphone brands across the world. But to deem the better one between the two, we surely need to look at their specs and then come to a point.

Better Camera Support:

Snapdragon chipsets generally offer better camera support per chipset.

Cost of the chipset:

Snapdragon chipsets generally cost a lot as compared to the MediaTek chipsets.

If we compare two almost equivalent MediaTek Helio P60 chipset vs Snapdragon 636 chipsets which is better you can check:

· Helio P60 chipset has 11.11% faster CPU speed as compared to SNapdragon 636.

· It has 467MHz higher RAM speed


All the points above bring us to the conclusion that MediaTek chipsets are way better than Snapdragon in almost every aspect.

Recently, MediaTek has also come up with its 5G chipset- MediaTek Helio M70 which would soon grace the smartphones and offer us faster connectivity and mobile experience.

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