There are so many similarities between tablet and laptop and there are so many dissimilarities also. In this blog we will discuss all the similarities and dissimilarities between a tablet and a laptop so many things we will discuss here also. Before going to the topic we will discuss what is a laptop and a tablet. Which should be a best option to buy. So let’s start :-

Similarities between a tablet and a laptop

1. Laptop :
Laptop is an all-in-one computer that uses batteries or AC power that can last for several hours. It can be easily transported and is also called as Notebook. It has basically a LED or LCD screen. A laptop can be operated by battery or AC supply that makes it portable. A laptop is compact version of desktop where all the input, output and processing devices are inbuilt in a single package.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 1 AMD Ryzen 5 5500U 15.6" (39.62cm) FHD Thin & Light Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 11/Office 2021/HD Camera/1 Year ADP Free/Grey/1.6Kg), 82R400BGIN
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2. Tablet :
Tablet or Tablet Computer is a device generally operated with a mobile operating system. It has the touchscreen display and there is a rechargeable battery inbuilt in it. A tablet is basically a thin and flat device. It does not have the physical key-board with it. The lasting time of battery in tablet is more as compared to battery life of the laptop. It is light weighted and is portable easily.

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Similarities between a tablet and a laptop

Laptop Tablet
It is a portable computer device where all the units are inbuilt in a single package.It is a touch screen display computer device which generally operates on mobile operating systems.
Laptops are big and thicker than tablets.Tablets are smaller and thinner comparatively.
It has a physical key-board inbuilt into it.While it does not have the physical key-board, it has onscreen key-board.
It has track-pad for mouse inbuilt in it.While in tablet all the work is done with touch screen.
It is heavy-weighted in comparison of tablet.While it is light-weighted comparatively.
It has lower battery lasting life.While it has higher battery lasting life.
The battery of laptop may be detachable or non-detachable.While it has the non-detachable battery.
It does not have slot for sim-cards.Some tablets may have slot for sim-cards.
Laptops come with a storage of Normally between 500 GB to 1 TB or larger.Tablets Usually 8 to 64GB with the option to add an SD card or similar extra storage.


This is one of the most common similarities between both laptop and tablet. There are large tablets, and there are small laptops. If the size is medium then it will be a best option. Nowadays laptops are coming with lightweight and sizes are also medium so it is a great option. Tablets are coming with larger display and  lightweight design.  


As compare to tablets CPUs of laptops can perform more difficult tasks than tablets can. A laptop’s typically larger size also allows for a bigger screen, a more powerful processor, and more storage space, meaning laptops are better for graphic-intensive applications, such as gaming or processing photos and videos. But nowadays tablets are also coming with flagship features which are even more powerful then laptops. Tablets work well as e-readers.

Battery life

Tablets have more battery life as compare up to laptops. They can be used for seven to 12 hours straight, on average. One of the reasons tablets have this better, longer battery life is because they don’t perform difficult tasks that require lots of power. Whereas laptops like utrabook have battery life of 10-12 hours. But not all laptops are having more than 8 hours battery life.


Nowadays laptops and tablets are coming with optimized OS which is a good thing. Flagship tablets are coming with better OS and hardware which are capable of doing high gaming and video editing and many more. Laptops are specially built for gaming and video editing.    

Dissimilarities between a tablet and a laptop


All laptops are not mobile as tablets, as they generally require a surface on which to work from. But all tablets are made for carrying easily anywhere anytime. If you will buy ultrabooks then it will be a good option. It can be used in many ways also.  

Storage capacity

laptops use traditional hard drives, they have greater storage capacity relative to tablets. Most laptops today can have as much as 1 Terabyte (TB) or 1000 Gigabytes (GB) in hard drive capacity, which means you’ll have plenty of room for all your files, images and videos. Tablets use SSDs (solid-state drives) for storage. This makes most tablets less bulky but also means they generally have less storage capacity so, they are coming with at least 64GB and a maximum of 256 GB. Although the latest innovations in tablet technology make it possible to expand storage capabilities, it is more difficult and less seamless than doing so on a laptop.


Laptops are more expensive because of their higher quality hardware. While some lower-priced, basic laptops are now emerging in the market, laptops with the best functionality and most versatility will set you back considerably more. Whereas tablets are less expensive than laptops as they have fewer features. More cutting-edge tablets can also still be quite affordable and offer more functionality than the more basic models.

Virus problems

Laptops can be vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks. Viruses are designed specifically to attack computers, so laptops are more at risk than tablets. If you purchase a laptop, you may want to consider purchasing anti-viral software to help protect your files and information. Whereas tablets operate on closed systems, it is unlikely that you’ll catch a virus or malware on the device. As a result, your sensitive information may be more secure on a tablet.

External accessories

Tablets lack a built-in keyboard or touchpad, so all input is usually accomplished through the touchscreen. Various external keyboards and other accessories are available, but these can diminish the main benefits of a tablet. Whereas a laptop comes with a attached physical keyboard which provides an easy, ergonomic typing experience. Without question, laptops offer a more convenient typing experience and are more useful for putting together longer word documents or presentation decks with a high quantity of text.

Camera feature

Tablets have cameras on par with the leading smartphones, which means they can be great for taking photos. If you plan to take a tablet along with you when you travel, this means you’ll have the ability to take high-quality photos. Whereas laptop cameras do not have great quality and primarily exist for video calling purposes.

A table of difference between of tablet and laptop 

Which is the best option to choose Laptop or Tablet

When deciding between a laptop or a tablet, keep in mind that laptops are generally for content creation, while tablets are more for content consumption. The work of creating videos, managing photos, building a website, writing a book, and so on is much more easily accomplished on a laptop. Though tablets occasionally replace traditional paper and clipboard, they are generally less conducive to intensive work, even with a pen stylus or external keyboard. If you want need or want to create content, a laptop is almost certainly required.

Tablets are made for watching videos and movies, browsing the internet, reading the news, reading a book, listening to music, playing mobile games, etc.


Whatever your needs, the main consideration for your choice between a laptop and tablet (or a 2-in-1 device) should be convenience. Pick whichever device is most convenient for you and will make your life and personal computing easier. If you need to do a large amount of typing or work with multiple software applications simultaneously, a laptop is probably your best bet. If you just need a device for internet browsing, keeping up with the news, or kicking back with your favourite movie, a tablet can easily accomplish that. There is no right or wrong here — pick the device that works for your life.