In terms of the Information Technology Act, of 2000, this document is an electronic record. The rules are applicable and amended under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, of 2000.

Consider the declarations discussed here for Terms of Use

The terms ‘You’ & ‘User’ mean any legal person or entity accessing or utilizing the services. ‘We,’ ‘Ours,’ & ‘Us’ terms refer to the website/ company. 

The use of the website is solely governed by these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. The company is free to make any amendments as the website is at its sole discretion. 

Visiting the home page of the website or navigating to any other section signifies the user’s unequivocal acceptance of these Terms of Use. 

Besides this, the company reserves the exclusive right to modify and amend any policies without any imitation or permission from the user. A user must periodically check and stay updated with the requirements. 

The user warrants that they are competent and eligible to get into the legally binding agreements of these terms and aforementioned policies, as explained in the Indian Contract Act, of 1872. The user is not allowed to use the website if they are found incompetent to the contract as per the Indian Contract Act, of 1872. 

The company also reserves the right and its sole discretion to terminate any user’s access unilaterally for the products and services mentioned without any notice or prior cause. 

It is mandatory to complete the registration process to avail of the services offered on the website. All are eligible to avail of the membership, except those who are incompetent to the contract. Besides this, the company reserves the right to terminate your account in the context of you not being competent or eligible to use the services. 

Furthermore, while using the website, you are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your password and username. Also, any activity performed using the account would be considered to be done by you. For instance, if you have provided inaccurate or fake details, the company has a reason to permanently terminate your account. 

By visiting the website, you grant the company to perform the following actions on the device. 

  1. To write on, read from, delete, or modify any data about the website on the external storage and device’s storage. 
  2. Accessing information about the networks, such as Wi-Fi, receiving and sending any data through the networks. 
  3. Determining approximate locations, but that is not limited to mobile towards or WI-FI-based networks. 
  4. To access the exact information about the location from the sources, and that is not limited to the GPS. 
  5. Find the information about the IMEI number, model number, operating system details, phone number, etc. of the device on which the website has been accessed. 
  6. To access the information associated with the other sites or applications running in the background. 
  7. Retrieve the information related to your browsing history, and bookmarks that you have saved in your browser. 
  8. Access to use the apps such as Contacts, calendar, camera of the phone, call log, etc. 
  9. Detects when the device has been switched off or switched on for sending notifications. 
  10. Accessing and changing the sound and display settings of the device where the website is being used if required. 

By using the website and providing the information, the user agrees to their consent to receive auto-dialled calls, pre-recorded message calls, or other promotional calls, SMSs, and emails, from the partners anytime. 

With this, the user also agrees that the privacy policy and terms of use shall govern the information that the user has shared with the company. 

Besides this, you acknowledge that all the content along with the user content that you are using is being accessed at your own risk. Also, you will be responsible for any kind of damage or loss to you. Furthermore, in case any other third party is responsible for the loss or damage to you or the content change, we don’t guarantee that the content will be accurate. 


We own all the information, services, and content displayed on the website or transmitted through any other means such as newsletters, email, messages, texts, guides, photographs, illustrations, etc.. You are allowed to use the content to fulfill your requirements, but any form of commercial use is not permitted. 

The user is obliged not to cut, copy, modify, recreate, reverse engineer, disseminate, distribute, or sell any information obtained from the website. For any such use, they must seek written permission from the company. 

The user is also not allowed to interfere, obstruct, or harm the security of the website system through servers or any personal networks or collect or store data. 

Hereby, the user authorizes the company to disclose any information related to the user that is associated with the company to law enforcement and other government officials. Because the company believes that the investigation is the resolution of the possible crimes. Especially for those who are involved in personal injury, theft, or infringement of intellectual property. 

Therefore, the company might be directed to disclose any information about the individuals or the material on the website as required to satisfy any judicial law, order, judgment, or valid government requests. 

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