There are uses of mobile phone in education. Cellphones are the best way to communicate with others, so the first most advantage of having cellphones is to be in touch with others all the time and any sort of emergency. Today’s mobile phone are as much like as our desktop systems which act as a source for dictionary, calculator and other numerous calculations for which they have to carry extra gadgets which are made available in a single mobile phone. Today in this blog we will discuss about the uses of a mobile phone in education. Nowadays phones also help in providing communication between teachers and students in case of any problem regarding their classes or their academic clarifications.

Slowly the PCs are replaced by the mobile phone. According to a report the PC market continued to decline in 2019. Computer sales have been declining every year since the year 2012. On the other hand, the number of smartphones used globally increased to 3.2 billion in 2019 and were expected to reach 3.8 billion in 2021.

Uses of mobile phone in education

As the technology is advancing students and faculties have used this technology to their advantage, they use various cell phone applications to provide assignments and tests that are monitored through cell phones as done through desktop-systems in schools and colleges. There are some schools in Brooklyn which has started distributing cell phones to students, and by 2010 there was a significant shift toward embracing cell phones as educational tools.

Many modern phones have the power and potential of computers from the past decade and require only a fraction of the energy to operate.

Before going to the main headline let’s discuss about some advantage of using of Mobile phone:

Advantage of Mobile Phone

There are so many advantages of mobile phone and there are some disadvantage also. First Let’s talk about the advantage:

  • Mobile phones can help you to connect with internet at any time and at any place through which students can browse anything through it related to their studies.
  • Mobile phones are used to co-ordinate group study with friends.
  • Students can entertain themselves during lunch time or break by listening songs, playing games, watching videos etc.
  • Mobile phones have various applications in various fields which help students in their academic field.

So, if used correctly, phones and tabs can easily become a tool of education for you in any field.

Disadvantage of Using Mobile Phone:

 As with a lot of advantages there are have been many disadvantages related to use of mobile phones and tabs by the students. Excessive use of these gadgets has exploited them in various different ways.

  1. If Students brings phones in classes, they get distracted a lot by playing games, watching videos etc.
  2. Students can use this growing technology to their benefit by indulging in unfair means.
  3. They are so addicted to their cellphones as that even in the night they are found to be texting to their friends due to which they can’t complete their sleep which affects their performance in their class as well as their attendance in classes.
  4. The mobile phones are being indiscriminately put to negative activities such as making vulgar recordings, black mailing people and many more.

Due to some of these facts It result in the poor performance of the students in their academics. They are not able to deliver as to achieve their goals and fulfil their expectations.

Now let’s come to the main topic i.e. there are so many uses mobile phone in education

Uses of Mobile Phone in Education

For Improving Knowledge

On of the best uses of mobile phone in education is gaining knowledge. Today, the sources for knowledge have diversified, and one of the ready sources is the internet. A phone connected to the internet can motivate the student to do his/her studies, as all the time. A students can access the world’s biggest library right where he is. Even also students are using smart phones to record lectures, photograph instructor notes, and collaborate through cloud-based applications to gain more knowledge.

A Good Time Manager

A gadget can manage your time, you will be able to do the right thing at the right time. You can set deadlines, and you set an accompanying alarm for the same. To wake up early in the morning, students need to set the alarm on their cell phones. You can also set a text alert to accompany the alarm to remind you to do a certain thing. If a student is supposed to check out something on a certain day, he/she needs to set the alarm and an accompanying note for the same.

Using Social Media for knowledge gaining

One of these ways was Twitter. Teachers can use a Twitter feed made specifically for the classroom to post assignments and due dates, which can help students stay connected. Teachers can also use Twitter feeds to field questions from students who might be otherwise too shy to ask. Students can ask a question using the class Twitter feed and teachers can respond in-class without singling out the student. This is made easier when the teacher creates a recognizable hashtag that students can use. Other forms of social media can be used for similar purposes, such as maintain a classroom Facebook page to keep students updated.

Photos and video can be added to PowerPoint presentations. Or, students can make entire videos, post them to YouTube, then share them with the class. These video projects can document historic sites in the city or act like running documentaries of research they’re doing. Audio recording can be used to similar effect, acting as a voice over for projects.

Very Helpful In Studies

There are so many learning applications in the app stores for students at all levels in school. This means that a student can get help from an app for the subject in which he/she lacks in some areas. Most of these apps are free of charge, or you may pay a small one-off fee for downloading. There is an app for every subject today.

Similarly, iPhone users, too, can have an advantage by installing the best Apple learning app on their phones. This then is a merit of mobile phones for secondary students, playing an essential role in making life easy for students.

Learning Goes On Even When Out Of Class

Students no longer have to wait until the computer class time so that they can check things out. With mobile internet-enabled devices, they can check up stuff from anywhere. This means that learning goes on all the time, in and out of the school setting. Students no longer have to wait to access the school or community library because with a smartphone, the world’s biggest library- the internet is at their disposal.

Apart from the apps that help students with their homework, they can also visit websites to find the information necessary. Many forums have case studies in almost any niche that students can learn from. There aer some popular editing tools like Grammarly and The Hemingway App which help student for better essay writing. And social media communities can connect them with other scholars to interact with and learn from their experiences. When the teacher encourages students to use technology to advance their studies, they will happily do so because they love technology.


During teenage, students tend to be stressed up by many things. Thankfully, their mobile phones pack a lot of entertainment in the form of games, cartoons, and many more entertaining things. No matter the age of the student, there is always something entertaining on their mobile phone.

More Uses:

There are other uses of mobile phone in education and they are. Class wide texts can keep students up to date on assignments. They can use their phones as a class planner to record important dates. For projects, cell phones can also play an important role in gathering media.