1. Learn how to take notes effectively

Taking notes by hand may be the simplest fix, people and their devices are inextricably intertwined in society today.

2. Type your papers which will make you easier to read.

You can write your papers, assignments, book pages and notes in your word files. you can save them and it will be helpful for you read and while you are getting bored you can also open the laptop and read this which will make your mind free also.

3. Use to communicate with your teachers and classmates

You can use the laptop to connect to with your in a video calling and ask doubts which is a best way to learn through the laptop.

With the help of the laptop you can make communication with your friends and discuss all your doubts with them.

4. Do an Internet search to learn more about whatever you’re studying

One of the biggest advantages of using a laptop to study is that you can access the Internet to learn more about a subject.